David Sønstebø settles scores with IOTA

David Sønstebø settles scores with IOTA

Shortly after David Sønstebø, one of the co-founders of IOTA, had to leave the company, he addressed his former colleagues, among others, in a public letter to make his view of what happened public.

Sønstebø’s article was published on 26 December. Already in the first lines he explains that he is partly relieved not to work at the Iota Foundation anymore, as his life had been exclusively about the good of the company until the time of his departure.

Even before the article was published, there were signs of a split. On 10 December, the Foundation published a post on its blog stating that the Bitcoin Evolution company was not concerned with individuals and that Sønstebø’s departure would not change the company’s strategy.

The decision to part ways was a difficult one, but it had to be made. There were several instances where David’s actions were not in line with what the foundation stands for and who we want to be

the article said. The main reason for the separation, however, was conflict over common interests. In his article, Sønstebø did not spare criticism of his former company. In the meantime, he said, IOTA was only a project for its own sake, aimed at making a profit. He, on the other hand, was only ever concerned with the technology. In addition to this claim, some of the company’s employees are also being attacked.

Sønstebø comments on individuals

For example, he calls on Dominik Schiener, co-chairman of the board of directors and founder of IOTA, to stop calling himself a co-founder of the company:

‚You were not involved in the development of the theory of the Tangle or the IOTA vision. While we were conceptualising IOTA, you had no idea or interest in IoT and played no role in the vision of machine economics, data integrity through DLT, fee freedom, etc. You did not even know about IOTA when this was concretised.

He stated that it was time to get the truth out to the public. He said he would publish his personal plans at a later date, early next year.

This is not the full stop at the end of the last sentence of the last chapter. It is just a comma.

Furthermore, Sønstebø emphasised that he will continue to work on IOTA with members of the foundation and external partners.

The IOTA course, however, is left cold by the story of the former employee Sønstebø. The price is on a high and is currently at around 0.2977 US dollars.

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